Top 5 Crafting Games
Free to Play (F2P) Games
Pay to Play (P2P) Games
Trail Account Games
Browser Games

The games listed here are games that are normally P2P (Pay to Play) but are available to download and try with restrictions by their developers. I personally like the idea of a trial play account. It gives you the ability to check the game out and see if you are actually going to be able to enjoy it before you buy it.


Aion is available for a limited trial. The conditions are 10 consecutive days (10 days playtime from the time of account creation and login) or level 20. If you have wanted to play Aion, but wasn't ready to buy, now is your chance to check it out!


World of Warcraft is now offers Starter accounts free of charge. Standard restrictions apply, with a level cap of 20. Interested in checking out World of Warcraft?

Zanderlane - Finally have my Castle constructed! (Runes of Magic)