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This is a listing of MMO's with a brief "as detailed as possible" review. Information included will be a ranking of the MMO by crafting score.

Reciently, I have been stuck in the middle of a remodelling project on the main floor of my house, and a basement finishing; needless to say my gaming time has been cut drasticly. I will continue working on this page once my time has been freed up. Thank you for your patience.

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How This Got Started

I cannot count the number of times that I have tried to find a new game to play, and have not been able to find what I am looking for. One of the things I look for in a game, is an extensive crafting system. The more I can create, the longer I am willing to stay with a game. The goal of this wiki is to rate games by their crafting score; but as MMO's are not just about crafting, I will not focus just on that aspect of the game. This is a site where I will give my reviews of the games. I will try to remain unbias and professional (though I do occasionally throw in some sarcasm) while doing this, in an effort to give you an accurate review of the games listed. I am not an Elitist, so my perspectives of the games are from an average player's standpoint. I will try to keep the top 5 lists current so that accurate information is displayed, and give you my reasons for why they are top 5. Who knows, you might like gameplay the way I do; this could help you find your next game!

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